Or Adod

Yoga Teacher

Twenty years ago, Or underwent Shivananda training in India, and also studied Ashtanga Yoga and a Pilates training course for bone-strengthening exercise. She has been practicing yoga for 22 years, and has been teaching Vinyasa yoga and combined yoga for 15 years. Her life motto: “Practice diligently over time, and with patience, until the practice becomes your second nature, and enjoy the journey.”

Adva Ofir

Yoga and Pilates Teacher

Adva has studied floor and machine Pilates, yoga instruction, yoga for treatment of posture issues, training pregnant and postpartum women, shiatsu and twi-na. She has been teaching movement, yoga and Pilates since 2002. Her life motto: “Our body is a gift and we should always keep it moving.”

Kobi Apelboim

Certified Stage 4 Spinning Instructor, Personal Trainer and Certified Life Coach

My training (spinning) is defined as sub-maximum intensity aerobic training on stationary bicycles. This is the most exciting, intensive and effective training for burning fat and improving aerobic abilities, physical fitness, and if you want it in everyday language: “No mercy, no fat, no limits! Maybe later we can discuss pizza.”

Avi Twina

Yoga Trainer

Satya yoga trainer, somatic therapy masseur, Pilates and yoga instructor. Avi has been teaching yoga for 15 years, and is the official masseur of the Mayumana dance troupe. His life motto: “The fact that you haven’t found the road doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Lir Yosha

Pilates Trainer

Pilates, stretching, TRX, ashtanga yoga, running, and functional trainer. Experience: Lir has been a trainer and instructor for 18 years in the studio and gym. He teaches a Pilates instructors’ course. His life motto: “Anything is possible.”

Gadi Yaar

Pilates and Movement Trainer

Gadi studied machine Pilates instruction, pelvic floor and rehabilitation training at Tamar Studio. He has also undergone many courses and seminars, including movement, posture and motoric therapy based on integrative approaches. His life motto: “Find what’s good for you in movement, in the soul and in life. Don’t wait.”

Osher Cohen

Studio trainer, Zumba and Stretching instructor

With 22 years of experience in Israel and the US, he conducts workshops and lessons in Israel and overseas. His life motto: “Training is the best psychotherapist out there.”

Gal Russo Lanzianu

Feldenkrais Trainer

Gal studied Feldenkrais at Tel Aviv University, and yoga and bone-strengthening exercise at Wingate, as well as Pilates, and has over 15 years of experience. Her life motto: “Make the impossible possible, the difficult comfortable, and the comfortable pleasant.” (M. Feldenkrais)

Bat Sheva Mendel

Qigong Trainer

A graduate of Wingate collage in aerobics, tennis and Qigong. She taught Latin American Dancing Aerobics for 15 years at the spa at Maale Hahamisha. She has been practicing Zheng Zeng Healing Gong for 10 years. Her life motto: “Life is like a mirror, reflecting what you do… if you face it smiling, it smiles right back.”

Ayelet Sol

Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor

Fitness trainer for children, the elderly, and anyone wishing to adapt a healthy lifestyle, as well as TRX toning, functional training and spinning. She has 15 years of experience as a trainer in a variety of fields – from the least intense to the most dynamic. She also accompanies weight loss programs and recovery from sports injuries. Her life motto: “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Sergei Sazonoff

Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Toning, Medical and Bone-Strengthening Exercise and Spinning Trainer

After almost twenty years in the field, I am certified in almost every field of sports, as well as being a holistic therapist and social psychologist. My life motto: “Open the door of giving in others, and listen to your inner self. Every lesson is magic, if you arrive.”

Alon Siegler

Teacher and Therapist, Body Cognition Method

Graduate of teachers’ and therapists’ course, MA in Medical Sciences, Twi Na therapist, graduate of School of Physical Theater

Experience: 10 years of teaching, Body Cognition Method, rehabilitative therapist at Reut hospital for 5 years, Lecturer in Anatomy, Kiryat Ono Academic College

I have been surfing for 30 years, and have been a snowboard instructor for over 10 years.

Life Motto: When driving slowly, you can see.

Ahinoam Fisher-Melamed

Dance and Pilates Teacher

Experience and certification: dramatic choreographer for plays, clips, and various TV shows, camp choreographer for X-Factor, senior instructor at Hip-Hop teachers’ training course. In addition to dance and movement, Ahinoam also teaches body Pilates. Life motto: In anything you do, don’t forget to enjoy the way.

Talia Ku

Chen Style Tai Chi Trainer

Talia has been active in Chinese martial arts for over 20 years. She is certified by the Chen Association in China, and a certified Qigong trainer by the East West College. She is also a graduate of classic Chinese Medicine at East-West / Medicine College. She lived in China for three years, where she studied the language and Chen style Tai Chi, and was personally trained by Chen Master Bing at Chen village. She has participated in a number of competitions in China, where she performed highly in the Chen Sword category. Today she is the Israeli representative of Chen Bing’s Tai Chi Academy.

Life motto: “In our strive for a healthy, peaceful and harmonious life, we continue to search and investigate with our students, the natural movement of the way (the Dau) and the relationship between the Yin and Yang – in the body, the consciousness, and interpersonal relationships.”

Liora Kastenboim

Yoga Teacher

Wingate, Rachel Solberg, India – Desikachar Yoga. 34 years of teaching experience. Life motto: Anyone who wants to can learn yoga, but not anyone can practice every kind of yoga.

Adi Rotem

Trainer, Interval training, HIIT, Fit Zone

Thai Boxing certification, fitness and children’s fitness trainer, functional trainer. Experience: 35 years in martial arts. Two-time world champion in Thai boxing and Kickboxing K1. Life motto: “You’ll never know where you can go if you don’t try.”

Tal Sarig

Studio Instructor

Over 16 years in the field. BA in Dance and Movement, and MA in Public Health. Certifications in Aerobic Dance, Toning, Pilates, TRX and Spinning. Teaches at national conventions and former trainer of instructors. Motto: Physical fitness equals happiness.

Adi Noam Katz

Pilates / Fitball Trainer, Belly Dancing Teacher

Experience and training: Graduate of two Pilates certification courses. Studied dance, from classic and modern ballet to fusion belly dancing. I have been teaching Pilates – machine and classic – for over 30 years. I have been teaching belly dancing for 10 years. I studied with Israel’s finest belly dancing teachers, and have performed extensively as a soloist and in troupes. Life motto: “On our way to becoming fit, flexible and upright, we must enjoy the way, the music, the exercise and the dance as a way of life – they all give us quality of life!”

Shai Ovadia Fox

Spinning and Kickboxing trainer

Spinning, Kickboxing (smash method), HIIT, stretching, 14 years of experience. Life motto: “Do the activity you enjoy – but just do it.”

Boaz Nahaissi

Pilates and Flystick Instructor

Founder of the Boaz Nahaissi School of Movement, and conducts workshops, trainings, and teacher qualification. He began his career in classic and machine Pilates, Gyrokinesis and Garuda. He is the developer of the Flystick method and teaches in Israel and worldwide. He currently teaches at the online studio for students in Israel and overseas. Motto: You are what you move. Movement defines your state of consciousness. Awaken the master in you. Invest in physical and mental movement that is flexible, intuitive, and powerful.

Joy Levitan

Aerobics Instructor, conducts lessons in toning, HIIT, TRX, Kickboxing and Stretching, for all levels and for men and women

Graduate of the Wingate School of Coaching 2004. Jazz Teacher, graduate of the “Gimnasia” coaches school. She has 15 years’ experience. She works at the leading fitness chains. Motto: “Set a goal and achieve it!”

Roman Simon

Yoga Teacher (Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa)

Over 20 years of experience. Roman’s background is in mountain skiing, biking, and classic boxing. In the past he was also a professional masseur. Twenty years ago he started to learn yoga at the Shivananda yoga Vendanta Center. Roman is multidisciplinary and has taken many workshops and seminars in kinetic physiology, Qigong, and African Dance. Motto: All truths are true.